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FileDepot is an application used to transfer files where the size is too important to be sent via e-mail.
These files will be uploaded to a UNESCO server and an email containing the link to the files will be sent to the recipients that you specified.
The files are kept for 10 days, after which they will be deleted.


FileDepot est une application qui permet d’envoyer un fichier dont la taille est trop importante pour être envoyé par email.
Ces fichiers seront sauvegardés sur nos serveurs et un email contenant le lien vers ces fichiers sera envoyé aux destinataires que vous spécifierez.
Ces fichiers sont gardés pendant 10 jours et ensuite seront effacés.


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File to upload
Warning : Your file must comply with the following rules :
  • Size : between 0 Mo and 4000 Mo
  • Extension : one of the following : zip , pdf , rar , 7z , wmv , avi , flv , mov , tgz , mp4 , mpg , 001 , 002 , 003 , gz , mp3 , mpeg , docx , xlsx , pptx

Recipient(s) e-mail(s)
If there is more than one recipient, use Semicolon (;) to separate e-mails

Message to the recipient(s)

You can if you want include a message that will be sent to the recipient with the file url
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Contact: filedepot@unesco.org